Contact for the Consular Section

Romanian Embassy in Albania

Adress: Rruga (Street) Pandeli Evangjeli, No. 15

Tel/Fax: 00355 4 2303133

Emergency phone: 00355 694036352

E-mail: tirana.cons@mae.ro


Powers consular officialsRomanian Embassy in Albania consular assistance:

Romanian citizens, regardless of country of residence;
people who have Romanian citizenship (bipatrizi) in certain circumstances;
EU's citizens if their country does not have diplomatic representation in Albania (in accordance with Article 20 of the Treaty on European Union and the provisions of Decision 96/409/CFSP).

What can I do for embassy representatives to assist you:
Assistance and consular protection of Romanian citizens equally irrespective of sex, race, age, religion, within the limits of international law and local regulations.
Addressing your issues in a professional manner and in full compliance with the law.
Treat information you provide in accordance with the regulations on personal data protection.
Respond to your requests as soon as possible verbal and / or written.
Provides clear explanations based on legal provisions.

In normal cases:
We shall, on demand, provisional travel documents (travel documents, passports temporary) or you support for exchange expired identity documents.
Support you in getting civil status (birth certificate, marriage or death).
Provide notary services (legalization of documents you need abroad).
We support the availability of judicial or extrajudicial documents in the country.
We assist in the recovery / waiver of Romanian citizenship.

In extreme cases (arrests, accidents, natural disasters, armed conflicts etc..)
Contact you in no time once they learn about your situation.
Make representations to the authorities of the State in which you are to be informed about your situation.
It ensures that your rights are respected and make formal requests to do so.
Helps you to get in touch with your family if you wish.
It offers expert advice and consular assistance in cases of abductions, disappearances, death of close people.
We put in contact with specialists who can help you (a lawyer, translator, physician, funeral home).
CAUTION! Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not responsible for the quality of service of these specialists.

Embassy representatives can not do for you:
Can not influence the legal proceedings in the country of residence.
I can not help you enter the country of residence if they do not have valid travel documents, entry visa and can not do actions that would interfere with the immigration policy of the state of residence.
I can not do investigations.
I can not replace lawyers in case of lawsuits.
Can not pay your bills, debts or loans.
I can not make travel arrangements for you.
I can not find you a job.
I can not make accommodations.
I can get to YOUR preferential treatment in medical institutions or in custody.

For more information on consular assistance, visit the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Consular Assistance Section.



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