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Come visit Romania

It is when one visits a country that one begins to truly understand it. Extraordinary things can only be discovered personally. A foray into a country’s life is about discovering people, places, stories, traditions and legends.

In the 20 years that have passed since the December 1989 revolution that saw communism toppled, Romania has come a very long way. It is now an open, democratic society, a country that is an EU and NATO Member State.

Located in the south-eastern part of Central Europe, Romania is the second largest country in the region, after Poland.

With a diverse relief and an area of 237,502 sq.km., Romania shows itself to the foreign visitor with all of its best assets: culture, spirituality, traditions, hospitality, people, dream landscapes, pristine nature, ecological products and tourist attractions.

The Carpathian Mountains. The Danube Delta. The Black Sea. Transylvania. Medieval citadels. Dracula. Extreme sports. Spa treatments. 31 UNESCO-protected sites. Over 400 protected areas. And so much more…

All these are on Romania's business card, and we invite you to come see them.

For more information on Romania please visit the National Tourism Office website at www.romaniatourism.com


If you want to visit Romania:

Citizens from the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) who wish to visit Romania can enter using any border checkpoint, if they can produce a valid identity document – passport or any other such document recognized by the Romanian state.

EU/EEA citizens can enter the Romanian territory and stay, according to the right to freedom of movement and residence granted under Romanian law, in agreement with European regulations. To stay in Romania longer than 90 days one must obtain a registration certificate from the Romanian Immigration Office (ORI).

Citizens from states that are not EU/EEA Member States require an entry visa. The type of visa differs depending on the purpose of their travel to Romania.

Under Government Emergency Ordinance #194/2002 on the status of aliens in Romania, the Romanian visa is issued by Romanian diplomatic missions and consular offices.

There exist states whose citizens will require, besides a visa, an invitation letter endorsed by the Romanian Immigrations Office. The invitation letter can come from an individual or a legal entity; the individual can be a Romanian citizen or of a foreign citizen who has legal residence in Romania.

The short-stay visa makes it possible to enter the Romanian territory for purposes other than immigration, and allows permanent stay or several stays not exceeding 90 days, within 6 months of the date of first entry. This type of visa can be issued in a single-entry or multiple-entry format.


For information about Romanian visas please visit the MFA website under the Visas tab.

For more information please see the Romanian Immigrations Office website at http://ori.mai.gov.ro/


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